This site allows you to paste the chat log from your X-Wing Vassal games in order to get some statistics about how 'lucky' you were.

03/15/2020 - I added the connection to postgres so the data should be permanent until heroku says that it is too big and then I'll have to figure out how to age off data.

03/04/2020 - I'm RobK and I took this over from lhayhurst and have made some updates to support python3 and deployments to heroku. I don't have a persistent DB yet so the data is temporary. This is my fork of ladyluck find/fork/contribute to this site on github

It originally began as an idea of previous X-Wing world champion Paul Heaver - a command line application that, when fed the cut-and-paste contents of a Vassal X-Wing game, would spit out some basic counts: total dice rolled, number of hits, number of crits, etc. I took Paul's basic idea and implemented it as a web site. You can find/fork/contribute to this site on github if you'd like to help out with its continuing development.